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Art Robot

Hi, my name is Cal (that’s not short for anything).

I am 9 years old, and I am an artist! I love blasts of color, black and white is not my style. People want me to think about what I want to be when I grow up, but I’m an artist today! I love using all types of materials to create my work. I’m fascinated by how I can see something in my mind and create it with my hands.

I also use my art to help others and that makes me feel really good! I am on a mission of raising money to make sure children who love art like I do have supplies even if their families, schools, or camps may not be able to buy the materials. I appreciate donations in any amount! For each $50 donation receive a piece of my work! Select a piece from this hand-selected collection and I'll sign and number the print. With each increment of $50, receive an additional piece! Hey – you should look at my Art with Heart page to learn more about what I’m doing and help support my mission to show love is an art that comes from the heart! Maybe it’ll inspire you with an idea on how to help others too!

I love how artistic I can be with fashion and how it helps me to express myself. It gives others little details about who I am. One day I’m dark or relaxed, and the next I’m crazy and colorful. No matter what I’m wearing, it’s all me! I love waking up and deciding which Cal I am going to show the world.

My work has gained recognition in so many ways! In 2nd grade, I was one of two 2nd graders to have work featured in the 2022 North Shore Arts Angels Artwalk. I was also awarded the Amazing Artist Award in class! When my Art with Heart fundraiser started in December 2022, News 12, Sea Cliff Glen Head Herald, The Glen Cove Pilot, and the Sea Cliff Bulletin interviewed me!  I have an upcoming interview with WHPC, Nassau Community College Radio! This year, I was surprised at Sea Cliff School’s end-of-year assembly when I was awarded the Young Artist Award for being the Artist with Heart in front of the whole school! And I just received Honorable Mention for my submission to Cornell’s Cooperative Extension of Nassau County Student Art Competition!

All of that is the best part about being an artist!

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